Full Grooming Service

Depending on the breed of the dog grooming can take a few different forms. If your dog needs clipping they get clipped into their breed style first, nails are checked and clipped if necessary and their ears are cleaned and then off they go to the bath. After bathing we remove excess water from their coat and get them brushed and dried out with a finishing trim. We then give them a finished touch of our cologne spray which leaves them ready for home.

The cologne spray is also available for purchase from our salon so you can have that just groomed scent in between grooms!!

If you have a Labrador type dog they are done with a Shedding blade before and after bathing which removes a lot of extra excess hair which is usually falling out around the house. I have first hand knowledge of this so find it a very useful treatment.

If you have a King Charles or Red Setter type dog they can be done with a Coat King. This piece of equipment is used instead of clipping so you can maintain the texture and colour of the coat that clipping would dull. This is especially popular for the Ruby coloured dogs. The Coat King removes the dead hairs and leaves the coat with a silky look. A great alternative to clipping.

If you have a Bichon Frisé and you keep it in good condition its coat can be fluff dried. This involves drying the dog with the finishing dryer from the base out and blow drying the hair straight. An extension comb can then be used on the coat instead of clippers which allows the coat to maintain extra length.

Bath only Service

We also offer a bath only service where your dog can be bathed, brushed and dried. This is a great favourite for the dog as they are just totally pampered and don’t have to stand to get their hair cut!!

Nails Clipping

If you think your dog needs their nails clipped this can be done as a service on its own and will be carried out while you wait.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are a great way of offering gifts to family and friends who you just don’t know what to buy. This can be for any value and can be purchased for grooming, photography, gifts and accessories.