Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my dog get groomed?

The average dog needs to be professionally groomed between four and six weeks. Dogs that are groomed on a regular basis will be more relaxed and their coats and skin will be kept in top condition.
This will also depend on the breed and how much time you spend grooming your pet at home. For long coated breeds we recommend a more frequent grooming (every 4 weeks) especially if you want to keep your dog in a longer hair style. For short coated breed a professional grooming is recommended every six to eight weeks to maintain a healthy coat and skin and keep your dog ears clean and nails clipped.

Should my dog get groomed in the winter or is it too cold?

Yes your dogs still need professional grooming during the cold season. Dogs must be kept free of matts to stay warm in the winter. If they get matted their natural insulation process cannot work.
They may not need to have a trim but they should be properly brushed out and bathed, ears cleaned and nails trimmed.

Should my puppy have a professional grooming?

We recommend getting puppies started as early as 10 - 12 weeks old (once they have had 2 sets of vaccines) to let the puppy get acquainted with the grooming salon environment.
We will start with a bath, ear cleaning and nail clipping and will progressively do a little more each following session to make it easier on your puppy.
We also suggest that you start brushing your puppy daily and get them used to having their paws and face handled.

How much is it to have my dog groomed?

This question is probably the most common one we are asked.
We price according to the breed, size and what type of trimming the owner requests.
We have a basic starting price based on the grooming service required for your dog’s breed and on a pet that is in good coat condition. We will confirm the charges when you bring your dog in for his appointment according to size, style required and condition of the coat.

How long will the grooming session last?

Depending on the condition of the pet or the thickness of the pets undercoat it can take up to 2-3 hrs. Our groomer will examine your dog’s coat when you come in, make recommendations on the best way to proceed and will give you an estimate time or will call you when the job is done.

Do you use muzzles or restraints or sometimes sedate nervous dogs?

We never ever sedate any dogs. We teach your pets to co-operate in the grooming process by using gentle handling techniques and a lot of patience.
We do not use muzzles as regular procedure. However, if our groomer feels at high risk of being bitten, a muzzle may be used if necessary. Our professionally designed grooming table is equipped with a grooming loop. This loop is placed around your dog for your pet's own safety. It is not done in a tight or uncomfortable manner. If you have concerns about this, please discuss it with our groomer.

Will my dog be kept in a cage?

Your dog might be kept in a cage for a very short time while awaiting pick up. It is a very safe practice and certainly not an uncomfortable situation for them. We use an open sided cage for comfortable air flow and we are able to check your dog at all times as the cage is in the actual grooming area.

Are vaccines required for my dog?

Yes, your pets are required to have up to date vaccines. This is for the protection of not only your pet but also our groomer.

What if my dog is very nervous or has a special condition?

We are more than willing to take your pet’s special needs into consideration.
Please let us know beforehand if your dog is nervous, has sore hips or a skin condition so we can make your dogs grooming experience easier and more comfortable.

We do however reserve the right to refuse any overly aggressive dog and will refer you to your vet if we feel your pet is too difficult.

Please check this page again. It will be regularly updated with more answers to your questions as well as a few useful tips for your dogs.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let us know by submitting your questions or comments using the form on the contacts page.